Solution For Production House

Transaction Solution

Nevix platform serves as a clearinghouse for instant transactions between clients, every single of nevix user has their own asset wallet stored on the platform, which allows them to send and receive assets from other users around the world, with fastest time and lower costs and independent from any of financial institution.

Capital Solution

Through the Nevix Platform, Production House can present a film project that will be created and invite asset holders to fund the project using digital assets Nevix. Asset holders have the right to get benefit in the form of tickets, merchandise to revenue sharing from the project.

Distribution Solution

Nevix platform provides solutions for Production House in distributing films. Nevix has good partnerships with cinemas and domestic and foreign film distributors, including distributing to remote areas that do not have a cinema network.

Audit Solution

All asset holders transaction history will be displayed transparently and real-time using hi-tech radar platform. Therefore, it is easy for all asset holders to monitor every transactions made.


Solution For User / Investor

Film Voting

Asset holders can submit a campaign for what kind of film they wish to watch, if the campaign get support from other asset holders, Nevix will then appoint the production house to make a film.

Film Maker Solution

Asset holders who have talents as a director, actor, etc. will have an opportunity to channel their talents and abilities in a film project, be involved to create a campaign for a new project or get involved on the project created by other asset holder.

Entertainment Solutions

Most people in several areas have limited access to watch film due to the relatively shortage of movie theater availability. Nevix missions is to create “Ruang Nonton” a mini movie theater in some areas where there are no cinema facilities. As a result, the local film can be distributed equally and people can enjoy the entertainment.

Trading Solutions

With Nevix App assets holder can redeem movie tickets, merchandises, and DVDs without having to wait in line at the theater.


All asset holders are welcome to participate by investing their digital assets in any planned or ongoing project as a Backer and in return, Backers will be entitled to get benefits from reward packages and share profits whenever the project is completely finished.